Sep 18, 2009

gyan ganga awareness sessions

Awareness programs at school level under awareness phase of Gyan Ganga project on mental retardation have been initiated and are moving in full swing in the local schools of the area. Senior kids of non formal education program, community teachers and other volunteers accompany Vijay Bhaiya to the programs.

They engaged school students in several group activities to inform them about various types of disabilities, and how such kids need to be dealt with. Aids like flip charts, posters etc were used for presentation of concepts. Various group activities are being done with the students to make the program more interactive and enjoyable.  Besides students the principal of the school, teachers and other staff members are taking active part in various activities including group discussions.

came up with stories about some mentally challenged kids residing in their neighborhood. They were advised to bring details of such kids and to motivate the parents of such kids to contact Gyan Ganga project’s office for further consultation, advice and guidance. Parents of mentally challenged kids have already started turning up for guidance and counseling. Kids are taking active part in slogan and essay writing competition. They hanged and pasted their posters on the notice boards and walls of the school building.  Short Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) sessions are held for kids to ascertain their awareness level on issues related to mentally challenged kids. Prizes will be distributed to those who demonstrate exceptional knowledge. Parichay also plans to involve such kids in the awareness program.